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matt baucus telling kathleen sebelius to shut it down and do it the right the second time. that is the desks of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. from mark foster. shut the whole thing down. go daddy can do the web site better. thanks for making me laugh. and rick baker posting if they cannot run it right the first time what makes them think they can do it the second time. government has never meant to be in the insurance business. i'm gretchen, here is shep. >>> gretchen, thanks. we are developing several new stories here on the fox news deck. reaction after new testimony from the health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius about the problems with the obamacare web site and what she says the administration absolutely can cannot could do. plus, a man who hijacked a plane to cuba has just returned to the united states after three decades to face justice. we have video of his plane arriving and you'll hear what happens next. facebook launching a new policy on bullying. how will that effect you and your children? plus, jet
would be able to do so later today. kathleen sebelius will have a 3:00 p.m. phone call with the press where she may release the first official numbers. jay carney saying the president has in strubstructed his team w regard to what kind of fix the obama administration may have for the health care debach the thus far. he went onto say it will be about options with regard to individuals who have had their plans cancelled because of the transition. we will continue to follow this for you. in the meantime we need to change gears now. because the 911 calls at a wild cat sanctuary have been released. i want to warn you that some of the sounds are disturbing. trace fwgallagher has the detai. >> reporter: they rescue abused and unwanted big cats. the opener is the one who is the one who discovered the body inside the enclosure. i will play both parts of the 911 call. you can hear when he calls he is inside of the enclosure because he is yelling at the cougars. >>> yeah, that is when he realized how bad her wounds were. one of them had blood on its fur. listen to when he realizes that it is too
. >> kathleen sebelius lowering the bar for fixing the website. so brett, yet another explanation for setting a hard date the vast majority will get it. and now she is saying it is even more squishy. it seems like they are a long way away. it is not months away. because the systemic problems in the website are so significant on security, on the build out of the whole thing. secretary sebelius has had a tough run in florida working with navigate tors working on getting them enrolled because the system went down. >> we have the video right here. >> i think it is great that this is happening. >> it is okay, it will come back. >> it happens every day. >> how embarrassing. there she is. system doesn't work. and the person says it's okay it will come back really brett? >> it is tough. and i don't think, you talk to people in the tech industry that deal with these websites all the time and putting them together they say they are a long way and there are big big problems november 30th may be the least of their issues. and there may be a december 31st, on that they are playing that game. we will be wa
this went. whether kathleen sebelius knew about this stuff. maybe the president was having deniability. >> she testified on april 18th, according to this report, it was issue the in march. here is what she said a month later. >> we have the federal hub on track and on time. we have moving ahead with mark up places that we will be individually responsible for and we will be working closely with state partners. at this point our energy and resources are know cussed on getting it up and running and we are monitoring it at every step along the way. >> was she under oath? >> i believe she was. if you say a month earlier that you are not ready to be up and running. >> if the report comes out in march, that is fine. i think the more damming stuff is that the reports are not closer to the date. she testified that look, delay was not an option. there was nothing to delay them. repeated warnings as far back as much. even as close as three weeks into march. >> politics played into that. republicans were asking for the delay and the president wasn't going to be in favor of that. i want to move ont
come with kathleen sebelius at the leadership and perhaps other senior post. >> i have no personnel announcements to make. there are obviously a lot of positions that any president fills. and the fact of the matter is the president's team when it comes is focused on fixing the problems that exist with the website. >> bottom line, the role change makes being the majority part we in the senate even more critical. >> thanks very much. >>> today of course remembering a very dark day in american history. the nation's pausing to pay tribute to president john f. kennedys a sass nated 50 years ago today as his motorcade drov. casey steagal is there where it just wrapped up. hi, casey. >> reporter: the program was very brief but i got to say it was very poignant, all wrapped up into one. you could see people wipiing tears away from their faces as john f. kennedy flashed up on the big screen. pictures of the president with his beautiful wife and two adorable children. standing room only for this memorial service. hundreds in the pouring rain. and if people didn't have tickets, well, they gath
. here's kathleen sebelius just yesterday in a conference call with state officials. >> i would urge you and your folks on the ground to not hesitate to recommend that people go to and get signed up. >> steve hayes, senior writer for "the weekly standard" my guest and weekly fox news contributor. great to see you, steve. >> reporter: hey, gretchen. >> what do you make of this mixed message and does it come from the very tippy top? >> reporter: yeah, i think it certainly does. you've seen all sorts of indications from the administration that, a, the website is not going to be ready when they said it was on december 1st and, b, the problems beyond the website are much more willing that is to let on. you see that with the discussion with james about the small business administrations, back for another year, november 2014. and the indications already through leaks and in public statements from secretary sebelius and others are that this website that we were promised was going to be functioning on december 1st will not, in fact, be functioning and could be in for another collap
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6